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Become a Friend of the Adult Literacy Rural Trust


Your support, in the form of a commitment of $5 per week, will enable the Trust to help a student for one term (10 weeks).

Not only will you have the satisfaction of supporting such a worthwhile effort but as a Friend of the Adult Literacy Rural Trust, you will also gain the following benefits:

  • Receive the Trust’s quarterly newsletter by email
  • Receive a certificate stating you are a friend of the Adult Literacy Rural Trust, and one of the Trust’s pens.


Membership of the Friends of Adult Literacy Rural Trust costs just:

a)  $5 a week by automatic payment ($260 per year)
b)  or a one-off annual payment of $260

Please fill in the form below. You can set up a payment now, or fill out out the form and one of our team will contact you with organising payment.

Payment Details

Payment can be made by Paypal or by direct credit to the Trust’s bank account

Account Details

Account Name: Adult Literacy Rural Trust

Account Number: 12-3023-0720450-00

Reference: FRIEND


Your Details

Preferred Contact Method

PhoneEmailNo preference

Please tell us how you would prefer to make your payment(s)

$5 per week by automatic paymentAn annual payment of $260

Please tell us when you will make your payment(s)

I have already made the first paymentI will make the first payment within the next weekI would like someone to contact me to set it up

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