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Literacy is an excellent return on investment.

Written by Bruce Fincham   Literacy is an excellent return on investment. For an individual and family, having a family member struggling with literacy can be a costly financial loss. It costs tens of thousands of dollars each year to the family. There are bigger loss impacts on the employer and New Zealand economy too. […]

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‘We need a course …. ‘

This post was first added in early 2013 but is still very relevant. A brilliant comment by Marc Rosenberg: “We need a course” is probably the most overused statement ever delivered by—or to—a training organization. As prominent as that statement is, and as important as the training function is, when organizations follow it blindly, it […]

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The Magic of Picture Books

Picture books are amazing tools to allow children to explore the world beyond their own experiences. They’re also just as beneficial for adults. Now, more than ever, picture books are tailored to entertain both children and adults. After all, they are generally read aloud from the latter to the former so it makes sense that […]

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