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The Magic of Picture Books

Picture books are amazing tools to allow children to explore the world beyond their own experiences. They’re also just as beneficial for adults. Now, more than ever, picture books are tailored to entertain both children and adults. After all, they are generally read aloud from the latter to the former so it makes sense that […]

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New Scrabble Words – Are They Dench?

The English language is constantly evolving, so much so that the latest Collins Scrabble Word List now includes over 6,500 new words. Many English purists would no doubt be appalled by some of the new additions including slang ‘words’ such as ‘lotsa’ (lots of), ridic (ridiculous) and cazh (casual). Words such as ‘thanx’ and ‘lolz’ […]

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Use It or Lose It

Use it or lose it! It is not rocket science that this applies to learning. A recent article (Auckland Herald May 6) quotes Dr Karen Vaughan, senior researcher at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research, speaking at ‘the Industry Training Federation’s annual Vocational Education and Training Forum held in Wellington, April 22-23, where she […]

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Literacy Standards and Adult Literacy

What do the government’s newly introduced literacy standards/progressions for primary schools have to do with workforce literacy? According to the last international survey, the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (2006), it’s a fact our education system leaves 14% of the population with such low literacy skills that they are unable to handle day-to-day literacy […]

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