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Before you start your coach training, we ask that you download\check a few things first.

  • Make sure you have a HipChat account (please contact Wendy or Matthew to get you setup). This requires an email address (Windows | Macintosh).
  • Make sure you a webcam and mic. Please note that we use Skype as a backup in case Google Hangouts is having technical problems (Windows | Macintosh).
  • We also ask that everyone uses Google Chrome, as it works with Google Hangouts the best (Windows | Macintosh).
  • If there are technical problems (as they do happen) you may be asked to download Team Viewer, so Matthew can fix the problem for you. This works just as well as if  Matthew was sitting right next to you. (Windows | Macintosh).

If you have any questions please contact us either through email or HipChat.

  • Wendy Wyatt | Student Support (wendy@adultliteracy.ac.nz) | 09 280 4348
  • Matthew Gregory | IT Manager (matthew@adultliteracy.ac.nz | 027 220 0108
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