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Our Volunteer Literacy Coach Programme has launched

The Adult Literacy Trust has just launched a volunteer literacy coach training programme. ‘The entire training will be done online,’ says Coordinator, Wendy Wyatt. Now we need volunteers – people who love reading and writing and have a computer with broadband. Each volunteer will work with one learner to help them practise their spelling and […]

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We need your help

The Trust needs volunteers in many different areas. Right now they especially need someone ‘with the gift of the gab,’ says Wendy. ‘We need someone who can ring places like courier companies to see if they will sponsor us by sending some of our computers around the country for free, or a printer to see […]

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Using Smartphones for Learning

Recent research found that the smartphone aided English language learning in an unexpected way. Although a useful reference aid – being a portable dictionary and giving access to google searches, most English language learning was almost incidental, being as a result of using apps or social networking. A few years ago we were told that […]

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Use It or Lose It

Use it or lose it! It is not rocket science that this applies to learning. A recent article (Auckland Herald May 6) quotes Dr Karen Vaughan, senior researcher at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research, speaking at ‘the Industry Training Federation’s annual Vocational Education and Training Forum held in Wellington, April 22-23, where she […]

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