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Free Literacy Tuition


The first step is the hardest. Ring us now to get free help on 09-280-4348 or 0800-891-339. Or fill in the registration form at the bottom of this page.

Free Literacy Lessons

  • Volunteer coaches help our students with reading, writing and spelling.
  • Coaches talk with the students by phone or Skype for 30 minutes a day, for 3-5 days a week.
  • There is nowhere in NZ that is too far away for us to help you.

To become a student, you need to live in a rural area anywhere in NZ where you can’t get to an adult literacy centre, or to be isolated by other circumstances.

Free Short Courses

For Anyone Who Finds Reading and Writing Difficult

  • All you need is a computer with internet – or even just a phone!
  • One-to-one coach
  • Do it at your own speed
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home

You Can Do These Courses by Phone

How to Use Your Smart Phone
Letter-writing Course
Form-filling Course
Essay-writing for Teenagers Course
Learn to Do Crosswords
Learn to Spell
How To Use Snapchat

You Can Do These Courses if You Have a Computer and Internet

How To Surf The Internet
How to Use Skype
How To Use Trade Me
How To Email
How To Use Facebook

  • The pilot programme being run in 2018 is limited by funding to 20 boys from years 11-13.
  • The camps are free to the families. We ask schools to make a donation of $100 per student but this is not mandatory.
  • In 2018 camp sponsors are Waikato District Council and ANZ Staff Foundation.

Literacy Hubs in Your Community

We collaborate with other community organisations to provide free adult literacy tuition for their local community. You can start a hub with just one student. We can:

  • Provide you with volunteer literacy coaches OR train your own volunteers to be literacy coaches.
  • Provide supervision and mentoring for the coaches – yours or ours.
  • Provide access to online practice software to speed up learning.

What the other organisation contributes:

  • The people, the place, the computers and the internet
  • A designated liaison person
Download more information about starting a literacy hub(0.74 Mb PDF)

Workplace Literacy Tuition

  • Workplaces can access the free literacy service.
  • Should a company require a literacy tuition service tailored for its own situation, we can provide a tutor on a cost-recovery-only basis, which currently works out at around $60 per hour plus travel.


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