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How it Works

Initial interview is done straight away

  1. Contact details
  2. Learning background discussed
  3. What they want help with discussed
  4. Assessment process explained
  5. Privacy agreement is read to the student

This includes the writing assessment, the privacy agreement for signing and an envelope with a cross on it, a self-addressed envelope for returning these, which contains the reading assessment. The student is not to open that envelope till ALRT rings them again.

ALRT sends envelopes to the student, which are addressed to the coach. This is so the student can post their writing to the coach. Sometimes there is a support person who can email scanned copies of the writing. e.g. a neighbour, a WINZ case officer or an employer.

We encourage students to meet with coaches for 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day.

Local papers can be used for reading materials. Sometimes there is a support person who can receive reading materials by email and print them. e.g. a neighbour, a WINZ case officer or an employer.

What will happen in the half hour?

(a) Talk about the writing the day it arrives, choose spelling words from the writing, discuss how they can be learned, add them to the spelling practice chart and start practising them.


(b) Revise/practise spelling words and read new material

(Discuss vocabulary, revise this). Homework is usually to learn spelling or vocab or to do some writing. sometimes exercise sheets are given.

Practising with the software makes the rote learning part of literacy more fun. Our software is adult focused, not childish. Using this more than doubles the speed with which students learn.

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