Youth Catch-up Literacy Camp

In the first week of the April 2018 school holidays 17 teenage boys from around the greater Waikato region attended a camp at the Port Waikato School Camp. They worked on literacy till 2pm and then had outdoor activities to reduce some of their energy! Camp photos can be seen at the following link: 

The boys had a great time, but the real magic occurred when they got back to school. One boy put it beautifully when we rang to see how things were going: “Things are going AWESOME, I’ve been using my new words on my friends and they say, ‘Eh? Where did you learn THAT?’ ”

The Trust is seeking funding of $312,000 to run a total of 12 camps in 2020, a boys camp and a separate girls camp in April. July and October 2020 in 2 locations, the Waikato and the Far North.