Feilding Host Lions

On Monday night (1st April 2019) Josephine Poland of the Rural Youth and Adult Literacy Trust spoke to the Feilding Host Lions group about our service and our difficulty in letting isolated/rural adults and teenagers know about our service.

Jo emphasised that RYALT will only work with adults who cannot get help from Literacy Feilding, which is housed in the Community House in Manchester Street and provides face-to-face tuition. She gave out Literacy Feilding bookmarks as well as our own flyer and First Contact Cards. Our main objective in the area will be work with teenagers.

In the photo to the left of Jo is club member, Gail Atkinson, who was amongst the early Reading Recovery teachers trained by Marie Clay, at around the same time as Marie Clay was instrumental in starting adult literacy services in Auckland (the late 1970s?). To Jo’s right is club member, Yvonne Brook, who started a campaign to get grandparents reading to children in one of the Feilding schools, Lytton Street Primary School. Two teachers from the school also spoke about the need for more volunteers to help with this.


In the second photo Yvonne Brook is thanking Jo and giving her the certificate below.

Feilding Host Lions03042019