‘We need a course …. ‘

This post was first added in early 2013 but is still very relevant.

A brilliant comment by Marc Rosenberg:

“We need a course” is probably the most overused statement ever delivered by—or to—a training organization. As prominent as that statement is, and as important as the training function is, when organizations follow it blindly, it presupposes that the best solution to an identified performance problem is always and only training. There are few instances where this is actually the case.

Training organizations will have to become much more interdisciplinary. They will need to fuse many technologies and approaches that cut across formal and informal learning situations. And they must become much more involved in directly supporting work, and the processes and tasks that comprise work. It will become increasingly important to suggest how the processes and tools of work can be made easier, from the start, rather than developing training to compensate for poor work design. Doing these things is the only way to build and sustain human performance in the long run.

For the full article go to http://www.astd.org/LC/2006/0306_rosenberg.htm